Personal Tax Returns

We offer year round tax services using Profile and e-file all tax returns, when possible. Our office takes great pride on keeping up to date on current tax knowledge and often participates in annual tax training.

We provide the following services for your T1 returns:

  • Individual and family tax returns
  • Sole Proprietorship, including daycares
  • Rentals
  • Employment expenses, including logbooks
  • Farms
  • Terminal and Estates

Each tax return is carefully prepared and all original documents are returned to the client for safe keeping.

From time to time, Canada Revenue Agency may want to review documents used to prepare their tax returns.  Note this is standard practice and should not raise any concerns. If you do receive correspondence from CRA, bring your tax envelope back with a copy of the letter you received. Our office will work with you and CRA to submit the necessary paperwork as part of the value added services we offer.


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